Course Schedule: Youth

The Art & Environment: Youth course schedule is designed to minimize disruption to your in-school and after-school schedules; however, hands-on and in-person sessions are central to the course, so we’ll get together regularly.  During the mid-August to early January course, there are required weekly sessions that alternate between 3:00 – 5:00 PM sessions, half day sessions, full day field trips, and the occasional online group session and evening sessions.  Sessions during the school day will fall on Wednesdays 90% of the time (if not 100%); evenings will vary.  You will have months of advance notice for required sessions, but you will need to keep careful track of dates and times to avoid conflicts and know where you’re supposed to meet. You will need to secure parental and teacher permissions to leave school on scheduled school-day sessions.  You will end up missing some class time at your school building, so you need to be prepared to plan for makeup work.  And, your parents should be comfortable with you coming to campus in the evenings. You will be given a ticket to bring a friend or parent with you in the evenings.

You will also need to manage your own transportation – Shelly will help you get familiar with the COTA bus system and you will receive free bus transportation and/or parking.  You’ll need to be careful about planning your route and know exactly where you’re going.  Carpooling is preferred for many reasons!

Where will we go and what will we do?

Class sessions will involve field trips to locations such as:


We will meet at the Wexner Center frequently and attend exhibitionsfilms and performances together.  Not all of these will relate to environmental issues; some will be about experiencing challenging and inspiring contemporary art. We will also come together to interview contemporary artists in person, view films, discuss the reading, and plan and install our exhibition.

To see an example of a past year’s schedule, please click here.

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