What is Art & Ecology: Youth?

Art & Ecology: Youth was a free program during the fall semester that was open to high school sophomores, juniors and seniors in the central Ohio area. Students learned how artists, scientists, and activists are working to protect the natural environment by meeting and interviewing practicing artists and by visiting environmental research and service sites around central Ohio. Students’ research culminated in final art projects that was exhibited at the Wexner Center..

The course was free to those admitted and included transportation assistance, free books, and supplies. Class was held once per week at the Wexner Center at OSU or off-site at field trip locations. Regular computer access was essential for students of this course as much of the work was completed online. Students secured parental and teacher approval for school building absence on class days. High school course credit was arranged with individual school systems through the State of Ohio’s Flex Credit policy.


Hear from students who have taken the course:

I am so happy that I took this course. I can’t imagine not having had this experience. I felt like I was exposed to a lot of valuable information, especially through our field trips. I was able to visit places that I probably would have never gone to or stumbled upon (like Stratford). I was able to experience so many things and learn about so many things that I probably would not/ will not experience anywhere else. – 2018 student

The most valuable thing to me about the experience is just learning and growing as a group. I don’t think anyone ever felt left out and we got to go to places and see the things we talked about taking action in real life. – 2018 student

The experience was invaluable for my daughter. – 2018 parent

I think the greatest value of this experience came from meeting a group of diverse people on OSU’s campus. Many of my students don’t have opportunities to interact with people who don’t come from our somewhat homogeneous community. Exposure to new ideas, environments, and experiences are rich “brain food” for the creative mind. – 2018 Sponsoring Teacher


Art & Ecology was presented with major support from American Electric Power.

General Operating Support was provided by Greater Columbus Arts Council, Ohio Arts Council, The Columbus Foundation and Nationwide Insurance.

Art & Ecology was presented with support from Huntington Bank and Cardinal Health Foundation, along with other free and low-cost programs.

2 responses to “What is Art & Ecology: Youth?

  1. Hi! I’m a student at ACPA (art college prep academy) and I will be going into junior year of high school. I’m super interested in this program and am trying to navigate how to apply but to no avail. I was wondering if I could get some guidance to that page or what steps I should take in order to apply. Thank you!

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