What is Art & Ecology: Youth?

Are you eco-conscious and interested in contemporary art? Will you be in 10th, 11th or 12th grade during the 2017-18 school year and do you want to take action to protect the environment and communicate your perspective? 

Art & Ecology: Youth is a free program open to high school sophomores, juniors and seniors in the central Ohio area. Students will learn how artists, scientists, and activists are working to protect our natural environment by meeting and interviewing practicing artists and by visiting environmental research and service sites around central Ohio. Students’ research will culminate in final art projects that will be exhibited at the Wexner Center in December 2017.

The course is free to those admitted and comes with transportation assistance, free books, and supplies. Class is held once per week at the Wexner Center or off-site at field trip locations. Regular computer access is essential for students of this course as much of the work is completed online. Students must secure parental and teacher approval for school building absence on class days. High school course credit is arranged with individual school systems through the State of Ohio’s Flex Credit policy.

Hear from students who have taken the course:

Art & Environment at the Wexner Center from Wexner Center for the Arts on Vimeo.


Applications are due May 1st, 2017.  Apply here.

This class was really helpful and eye opening. There are so many things we can do to impact others in a positive way and we are that upcoming generation to take action and it all starts with a change.2014 (youth) student

I loved every article I read for this class. Every single thing I learned was new and interesting and relevant. -2014 (youth) student

I think this class definitely prepared me for a college setting, having to make my own schedule and get myself to class. I’m very interested in environmental change and I’m excited to take more classes like this one. -2014 (youth) student

This course helped me discover the truth about the world. I learned to understand the reasons why the world is changing. I didn’t expect to feel differently about life after this course. -2014 (youth) student

I loved the diversity and talent of the class. We had very interesting comments during class discussions. -2014 (youth) student

I feel empowered to take my passion for the Environment to newer heights. Many of the things I learned through reading articles and watching films will stick with me forever. -2014 (youth) student


I believe participation in this course will result in my daughter having greater confidence and experience using art to communicate ideas – hopefully in ways that influence people’s thinking. -2014 parent

The big takeaways involved skills: learning how to complete a large project, dealing with scope creep, developing the flexibility to change direction/plans, etc. I feel certain that the experience will affect her in ways we cannot predict, but seeing how she responded to the opening and the public reaction and having to talk about and explain her project was invaluable and also provided skill practice. Bravo! -2014 sponsoring teacher

[This course] gave [my daughter] a valuable life experience and makes her a better citizen. -2014 parent

This was an incredible opportunity. It wasn’t for everyone, given the amount of self-direction needed, but it was great. And the self-direction needed provided an excellent representation of life after school and a way to practice important skills. It also aligns with the strengths teens have at this age toward social consciousness and action. -2014 sponsoring teacher

Thank you all at the Wexner Center for everything you did to provide these students with an informative, enlightening learning experience this semester. -2014 sponsoring teacher


Art & Ecology is presented with major support from American Electric Power.

Teacher and school programs are also presented with support from Ingram-White Castle Foundation, Martha Holden Jennings Foundation, Ohio Arts Council, Puffin Foundation West, Ltd., and the Milton and Sally Avery Arts Foundation.

Art & Ecology and other free and low-cost programs  are presented with support from Huntington Bank and Cardinal Health Foundation.


The Wexner Center receives general operating support from the Greater Columbus Arts Council, the Ohio Arts Council, The Columbus Foundation, and Nationwide Foundation. Generous support is also provided by the Corporate Annual Fund of the Wexner Center Foundation and Wexner Center members.

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